Thrive at Elmtree

Thrive offers a trauma-informed, whole school or setting approach to improving the mental health and well-being of children and young people.

Thrive’s mission is to support all children to flourish and become emotionally resilient, so they are better placed to engage with life and learning.

Thrive enhances individuals’ mental well-being by guiding them in navigating various emotions and occasionally challenging behaviours.

This approach fosters personal growth and vitality.

By bolstering emotional and social growth, Thrive cultivates feelings of happiness and security, facilitating meaningful friendships and interpersonal connections. Through Thrive, individuals become more confident, skilled, and resilient.

Central to Thrive’s approach are positive relationships.By leveraging these relationships along with creative activities and play, individuals gain invaluable experiences.

Regular engagement in these activities promotes mental health and fosters:     

·     Feel good about yourself and know that you matter
·     Increase your sense of security and trust
·     Increase your emotional well-being
·     Improve your capacity to be creative and curious
·     Increase your self-esteem
·     Learn to recognise and regulate your own feelings
·     Learn to think before behaving in a certain way

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How Thrive Will Benefit Your Child?

Parent’s / Carers Guide to Thrive

Thrive’s impact on children and young people

Improving attendance, behaviour and attainment for over 25 years.


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How does Thrive work?

The Thrive Approach is rooted in cutting-edge research from brain science, child development theory, and attachment theory. This framework illuminates the intricacies of how infants’ and children’s brains evolve. Additionally, it guides parents, educators, and other experts on optimizing children’s growth by offering tailored experiences suitable for each developmental phase.

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