Term Time & Holiday Support Contact

Elmtree is open Monday to Friday, during term time.

However, the school holidays can often be a challenging time for our more vulnerable young people and their families.

In 2021, we set about creating an incredible programme that comprised of experiences that some young people wouldn’t have accessed and also aided their transition back into school life in September, after so much of the previous academic year being spent at home.

The project was simple in its goal, we wanted to create situations where the young people involved were able to enjoy themselves but also be challenged in the way they undertook each experience, further supporting some of the social developments that COVID and lockdown took away, all while providing new skills around healthy eating (with several hundred packed lunches thrown in for good measure).

After the huge success and massively positive impact on the holiday experience and school return transition, we took the decision to make this a constant part of our offering, providing support across the Easter and Summer breaks for our learners and other young people in our communities.

A constant theme running through these school holiday programmes is around supporting the young people we work with to have the ability to make their own conscious and positive choices.

A key positive choice here is around healthy eating and the additional tools required for a successful experience.

These sessions provide a wealth of experiences to young people who wouldn’t necessarily get to benefit from them otherwise while challenging and guiding scenarios to allow our learners to be able to curate the tools required to better support themselves.

The sessions run 4 days a week and cover anything from art and craft, school trips and excursions, sports and activities (rock climbing, paddle boarding etc), healthy eating and cooking challenges, music and performance, new school tours and many other activities focussed on empowering our young people to better support themselves.