Our approach is to be constant and available support in a way that forms a child-centred response while creating and nurturing support systems between home, school settings and families to maximise every opportunity for the young people we support to have a positive experience of education and beyond.

Elmtree is committed to ensuring an individualised and tailored approach to supporting the learners in our provision.

We also feel that in creating such a tailored approach, it is key to ensure that the support provided creates pathways with other support mechanisms that are vital to the development of any young person at this age (the family home and a learners “home” school setting), providing impact that means learners have the tools to continue to achieve success.

A fundamental belief we share is that to provide the best support to the young people in our setting, we must always opt for positive collaboration.

We feel that such collaboration has no real specific starting point, other than ensuring that all parties/agencies are working together with one shared focus in mind.

We can create support that can be replicated across areas of the young person’s life, support that provides the learner with tools to empower themselves in a variety of scenarios as they progress through their academic career and beyond So many interventions are short term and focused on the immediate present.

Our partnerships may mean that we see the young person at various stages in their education career however the skills and support mechanisms we work on provide the foundations for each of the next stages and beyond