Our Vision

Elmtree believes that tailored intervention for every young person we support is the best way to work towards a positive educational experience.

For many, a one size fits all approach isn’t enough, and when coupled with an increasing number of young people facing additional mental health challenges, if our support is to have any chance of success, it must be young person-centred, for every young person individually. As our namesake suggests, Elmtree embraces unity and new beginnings.

For many of the young people we support, a fresh start and opportunity to challenge themselves can be exactly what is needed to continue to build on solid foundations, all with individual success in mind. Elmtree has a keen focus on unity in relation to the support parties around each young person to come through our doors.

Our support model places the young person at the heart of everything we do, as failing to embrace the other parties involved such as parents and families, the “home” school and other supporting agencies means that the support we deliver cannot be replicated or mirrored, ultimately creating further uncertainty and instability.

We believe this essential support also seeks to remove pressure from specialist provision places when other appropriate support models are not available, further ensuring that every young person has access to the level of support they require.

As learning providers, we will always be faced by means of regulation and statutory compliance, which we welcome to ensure the continued safeguarding of our learners. The unique balance found at Elmtree between such compliance and the individualised education delivered is bespoke to every learner and their support circle, often cementing further relationships between staff and learners whereby we are able to develop social skills and emotional intelligence empowering our young people to also safeguard themselves.

Elmtree is a force for good.

We passionately believe in the power of early intervention to best offer our young people every possible opportunity for good. We evolve and we adapt to the changing nature of the young people we support, but a young person-centred approach will always remain a constant.