Our Commitment

Our commitment to long term success is often the driving force behind all of the improvement decisions we take.

We believe that our approach to early intervention ensures that every young person we support has every opportunity to attain a successful and positive experience of education. This approach is cemented by our unrelenting adherence to transparency.

Every site across the Elmtree Learning Partnership publishes a number of reports to provide information to parents/carers, learners, the Local Authority or other regulatory bodies. These reports are available online via our website (unless you’re a parent or carer, in which case we will send the relevant information directly to you!).

We have set out some of the means of transparency we work to below, but we’re always open to suggestions on how we can improve our practice, so if you have an idea please send it to the following email address where our team will take a look: feedback@elmtree-learning.org.uk – Bi-weekly reports to parents and carers on the progress of their young person.

  • Quarterly parent and carers forum, for those caring for our young people to come and visit us, discuss progress, support and an in-person chance to provide feedback
  • Student voice sessions, for Elmtree staff to reflect and act upon the feedback we receive from our young people, ensuring they feel heard and valued
  • Publicly available (on our website) CPD training log for all of our staff, cementing our commitment to constant learning and accurate knowledge
  • Annual Operations & Impact report, published by the COO. This report will contain information on the impact of support provided to learners, analysis on spending/investments in facilities, Safeguarding and Inclusion reports, all focussed on the continual development of our support offering. In addition to the information we continue to share, we also operate a Community Advisory Board (CAB).

This panel is formed of community leaders, education leaders, parents, business professionals and representatives of other regulatory bodies.

The CAB is positioned to provide an opportunity for our community to support and engage in the Elmtree journey while offering specialist skills, additional resources and robust challenge to ensure the highest level of impact for our young people.