Elmtree in South Gloucestershire

Elmtree South Gloucestershire – coming soon

Why is this so important?

For so many young people and particularly those we support, the environment around them can play such a vital part in building or rebuilding the bricks of success to support them to achieve later in life.

Working in a place like South Gloucestershire has never been more exciting, with incredible new developments across communities and a huge increase in national and global businesses finding their homes here.

Our young people need the tools to feel they can achieve anything and have the right to achieve anything they set their minds and hearts on.

If the experience is too different the transition back to school has added complications. If the experience is too similar the opportunities to succeed may be hindered. We operate a curriculum, daily routine, learning sessions similar to the classroom, peer work, 121 sessions, creative projects, termly trips and events such as performances.

All of our activities are underpinned by the successes we are looking to achieve with the individual young people we have with us at any one time. Elmtree South Gloucestershire will always be where the heart of our concept began – through the leadership team’s support of young people in school and in voluntary roles the successes we have achieved inspired the model that it is now.

Creating a standardisation of the core areas whilst ensuring the young people remain the primary focus.

This, not only meets the level of need we are experiencing but gives families, schools and the greater education community assurance of the transparency and commitment to supporting young people.