Central Leadership Team

Central Leadership Team (CLT)

The central leadership team of Elmtree Learning Partnership (all sites) is lead by Sarah Morrison (Chief Executive Officer).

With expansive experience in supporting, improving and operating several provisions of all kinds across the South West, the formation of Elmtree Learning Partnership was the next logical step, safe in the knowledge that we are approaching its impact correctly and with the view to supporting learners most in need in our area.

This is coupled with the additional knowledge of our partners and advisors, allowing us to be extremely confident that we are curating a model that places its learners at the centre of everything it does.

Creating a tailored approach to support, providing good value for money using public funds, providing rigorous leadership and direction to ensure our model is front-running, compliant and ultimately, equipped to operate within the changing educational environments in the UK.

Ready for any future regulation or change in structure (by DfE and Ofsted) to ensure that our learners receive every opportunity at having a positive and successful experience of education.