About Us

Our dream is a simple one.

We believe that all young people should have access to an educational experience that is fundamentally happy, inclusive, individual and positive.

Elmtree is founded on 4 core principles that embody our dream and support us in our commitment to creating truly meaningful and individual provision for young people of all backgrounds, experiences and areas that equip young people with the tools they need to actively participate in and develop, their own positive educational experience throughout their academic career before stepping foot into the wider world.

Our 4 core principles:
  1. Community for all
  2. Individually inclusive
  3. Support for all
  4. Creating strong foundations

The provisions we create are designed to produce maximum impact for an appropriate cost, meaning no schools or local authorities are paying extortionate rates, ensuring that no young person is ever “priced out” of the support they deserve.

We also believe that our provisions should extend further than just the young person attending, supporting wider family/school/community circles to create the best possible chance of success for each young person if and when they return to their mainstream setting on a full-time basis, then progressing with their academic career as they get older.

Our continued commitment to multi-agency engagement means that the tailored support we provide can be mirrored and replicated in every area of a young person’s support, providing much needed consistency, safety and trust.

We are truly excited to lead the continuous evolving practice of Elmtree and the impactful support and intervention Elmtree delivers in partnership with our incredible leaders, staff and learners.